butchverse 2: the(y/he/she) doujinshi (2024)

A direct continuation from BUTCHVERSE. Mostly writings about gender, gender bending, and transmisogyny, and a 20 page comic of Daredevil and The Punisher doing dudebro lesbian things. As well as additional behind-the-scenes progress pieces and additional related drawings I've done since the last release. And a puzzle. Still friendly enough to those unfamiliar with Marvel characters or gender theory, but does reference the first butchverse book. 18+. available on itch.io >>

scrollform_01 (2023)

In the modern, digital age, everyone is a User. Whether we like it or not, we have collectively placed our bets in the perpetuity of the internet as we know it, even as it rots beneath our feet. We are overwhelmed with everything we ever could have wanted, from information, to entertainment, to each other’s time and energy. We record our identities anywhere we can, and that in turn shapes how we have committed to presenting ourselves. I am endlessly fascinated with how we have started building our lives around something equally designed to revolutionize society as it is to melt our brains entirely. Scrollform is an exploration of the tension between off and online living. available on itch.io >>

scrollform interview series (2021)

The persona that takes space on the internet, that is acted out and translated through text and image and emoji and reshares, is entirely decided and curated by a living person who may live an entirely different type of life in the flesh. It is long form performance, collaboration, lie, and honesty beyond what one might ever be able to live outside the screen. I aim to explore that constructed role-identity through interview with people who see a dividing line between their habitus on the internet, and off it. available to read online >>

butchverse (2023)

For every day there aren't enough butch characters I will take a male one and make them a dyke. About 100 pages of short essays, art, and mini-comics about alternate masculinities, American comics, queer theory, and Western fandom through the lense of Daredevil & The Punisher. Includes a reading guide for Daredevil and The Punisher comics. Is friendly to those unfamiliar with Marvel characters or gender theory. 18+. available on itch.io >>

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