hey, I'm alexis

I'm a designer working on independent and collaborative publications for both print and the web, currently focusing on interactions between the on and offline, reiteration as republication, and signifier as identity. Give me a prompt on any current tech discussion and I already have a 20 minute rant locked and loaded.

I have written a guest article examining design in webcomic culture, and have been interviewed by DBLTAP about diversity in the visual-novel genre. I'm a part of the SpicyYeti coding community, introducing artists to methods of building their own websites, as well as focusing on issues of accessibility and inclusivity in design practice. I am also the art director for the award winning indie visual novel ValiDate, which raised over $45,000 during it's one month Kickstarter, from over 1,500 individual backers. For more information and CV, reach out me by email or follow me on my publication instagram or my illustration instagram.