into the ether (2018)
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“When we remember the experience of reading a book, we imagine a continuous unfolding of images.”
“What we are looking at when we read are words, made up of letterforms, but we are trained to see past them—to look at what the words and letterforms point toward. Words are like arrows—they are something, and they also point toward something.”

- Peter Mendelsund; What We See When We Read

A series of compositions translating the textual to the visual. All from Sonnetstuck's Detective Pony parody.

"He tends to get carried away with his projects." p.1

"The whole scene looked like some sort of goddamn medieval triptych[.]" p.57

"And then it was silent no longer." p.61

"Jane, I’m sorry." p.80

"Anna, good luck." p.86

"A Maculate Conception" p.78

"And that's when Pawnee made her choice." p.87

"A Visitor" p.1 / p.90