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In the online archive, under community texts, there is a pdf of the HISTORY OF ECONOMIC ANALYSIS by Joseph A. Schumpeter (Edited from manuscript by Elizabeth Boody Schumpeter) with all 1386 pages intact.
It is titled “jj-test-2016-06-21-otf” and is an otherwise straightforward upload of the 1954 text except for the accompanying transcript, which appears to be that of BBC Radio Guernsey, a local radio service for the respective Channel Island. Each line of the transcript links directly to another archive upload John Randall : BBC Radio Guernsey : August 15, 2016 01:30PM-05:00PM BST.” Though listed as audio, it only has an image preview and no usable download, and no transcript included.
The drawings are my own.

This is a digital translation of the printed zine.

Transcript: 🔗 Marcos in the store next door. I paid in full and more pleasing clothes. 🔗 That's very encouraging. Since I love buying fresh produce this year. 🔗 Also grow my own it's so wonderful. Having fresh produce. 🔗 I pulled by a few dishonest to spoil it. 🔗 I sincerely hope you continue to sow Texas. 🔗 Such a lovely tradition so sad to hear you might have to stop doing something 🔗 that most people love and benefit from I'm fortunate always be those people. 🔗 Please be a sort of an agility appreciate what you do more than happy to pay every 🔗 day benefit for your hard work. 🔗 Hope you don't close the hatch measures wonderful Will had your way to buy from you 🔗 please don't quote This is a great so what's more you know he's don't know exactly. 🔗 We love your happens and the stories next door. The ones Baxter in a box not last. 🔗 When I don't have the right change please keep up the good work. 🔗 There's loads of you know nobody thank you very much. 🔗 But you know since I posted this. Yes. Levon are thousand people I've seen. Yeah. 🔗 And I've been telling them all to try and buy extra money and. Yeah. 🔗 So please don't tell. Lovely story isn't it. 🔗 That's just patted from edible gansey speaking to the grow. 🔗 He's decided to keep on going despite a few issues with people pinching stuff from 🔗 the edge vegetable. 🔗 That's all for me here on the on one hand have passed one time now for John I know 🔗 he was around told B.B.C. 🔗 Radio Guernsey Thanks Ron very good 🔗 afternoon to you 🔗 and your welcome sun shining looking gold you sound there might show you some sort 🔗 of some protection as well because it is course yesterday I fell asleep in it would 🔗 you believe if I'd be safer up the face in the sun is mean you know all through it 🔗 so far the plant. We have a guest coming in just after three John Ferguson 🔗 and a local chefs going to join me in the studio. 🔗 We've got our featured year to work kick off with and it's two hundred three. 🔗 Three please check the bill pay if you will send me a tax total of seventy six two 🔗 hundred nine. 🔗 Sorry to not get whichever network you choose to use may vary in price you can 🔗 email me. John dot Randall B.B.C. Dr George U.K. It is easy. 🔗 Let's first track a news story me and look down on my newspaper. 🔗 I look at a piece of music first coming 🔗 down 🔗 the road 🔗 a 🔗 sound 🔗 around. 🔗 Lack 🔗 of 🔗 time 🔗 for a man to focus on the wrong feet on this Monday Austin. 🔗 Oh we've got some mixed audience is coming 🔗 and now they went to the first at the chances for my myself. 🔗 Tony and Jenna wind polka silent 🔗 and some 🔗 you know November south to merge. 🔗 A little bit about this 🔗 grows 🔗 out of good looks. Some are determined. 🔗 Our gators do follow me around the living room 🔗 cattle swear to the world made the alligators move to their name. 🔗 They have a live up 🔗 to the game goes I'm going to name 🔗 the meeting with the 🔗 man 🔗 every day or so up the tank should go down 🔗 and data to pay me 🔗 and take Mares a box fan is carried out to a 🔗 sale in any way to scratch again it shows 🔗 up at the same to counter my 🔗 game out to maintain it which is bad for 🔗 three trees a toad moment news bought out the victim of the 🔗 game 🔗 with 🔗 her 🔗 date it was amazing. 🔗 No can claim they had a beta day with 🔗 those fifth phone machine 🔗 and not a minimum Vladimir player a Danish 🔗 Scatcherd. 🔗 The 🔗 king was nowhere near 🔗 me. 🔗 It became too shy to our heritage it's about taking young people 🔗 and saying the old game bill not the Stockholm the she was also just of competition 🔗 for the children of her father's actually been Jr a major area near B.B.C. 🔗 Radio Guernsey will be aware show this week and no show next week 🔗 that for us it's when you go around the arena 🔗 and the crowd is smiling you know saying and the recognition 🔗 that you've managed to get absolutely Foster come along and make the scene. 🔗 I'm all the gear. I'll be live from Nairobi and hop OS nine on Wednesday. 🔗 But on Thursday is the turn of John Randall live from the show grounds in the 🔗 afternoon Yeah it's just a really fun atmosphere passionate about island life 🔗 B.B.C. Radio going to be at the summer. Shows. 🔗 They CAN I am myself on the air this Thursday we're looking for the weather like 🔗 this is just going to be a great day 🔗 and I will be I myself I can remember a few years ago 🔗 when we were at the North show. 🔗 Can I were broadcasting as we do you know a bit of a natural born cross there 🔗 and I went up and had a look at the Council action 🔗 and brought them back with me to. 🔗 Shoot here which hadn't been night and I got to name it. And I coldly. 🔗 Had to then milk it which she did 🔗 and they cleaned it up first. 🔗 But the replay bags on the first day 🔗 they received radio and they featured Yeah this is Fleetwood Mac.. 🔗 Mine were in the sixty's to the one nine hundred sixty was 🔗 against 🔗 the. 🔗 A 🔗 lovely sunny Monday now another guest on the new stars of the spice of her the 🔗 choice was introduced into Britain in the year the charts Jimi Hendrix cause 🔗 compliance Americans from television producers after playing name from Version 🔗 Sunshine of Your Love and I was a past the allotted time slot which was on B.B.C. 🔗 One share happening full of Terry riots left over hundred people injured last one 🔗 is defamation lawsuit against the Beatles had originally sought for million dollars 🔗 but was awarded much less than a focal praised for say the sporting who plays on 🔗 compete with the likes the M.G.B. 🔗 that Went on the market on the ISA's twenty fourth of January of the year the 🔗 Beatles gave their last public performance on the roof the apple recording studios 🔗 improv concert and the place invited themselves 🔗 and broke into pop star luminaries Maurice GABLER was twenty years young. 🔗 That was on February eighteenth and the first being D.I.Y. 🔗 Stores opened in Southampton by Richard Brock and David Quayle. What year. 🔗 He leads away the 🔗 new man 🔗 and a are still suffering through from 🔗 the P.C. 🔗 Gaming company 🔗 me 🔗 while I am going to sell the 🔗 everything you say you say is easy to believe he's just 🔗 going to 🔗 come. 🔗 I'm going to 🔗 make 🔗 you the we come on 🔗 let's 🔗 get 🔗 him 🔗 to. 🔗 The option 🔗 of 🔗 all has now it's been Jim managed I don't believe 🔗 he was what he never knew. 🔗 Rain is what drew you to 🔗 and all the twinkling off so I shoulda 🔗 made the 🔗 will. 🔗 When we do so many people here in the bailiwick listen to B.B.C. 🔗 Radio Canty regular listener Joan is leasing his site 🔗 and he calls us his window on the world particularly 🔗 when things are getting him down. You can't help him. 🔗 Well isn't easy and this is hard to overcome. 🔗 I find very different 🔗 but there are godsends without embarrassing you people such as yourselves. 🔗 You never came into my home before river 🔗 or dare I say was there me I missed contact with people I was no window right sorry 🔗 you provide that and to me that is Heaven cos they really are career. 🔗 Voice one reason and the more who say frankly it's a pleasure John. 🔗 We do it for people just like you to make B.B.C. 🔗 Radio again to pass a fuel line after all. 🔗 We're part of your world 🔗 and we like to think we hope just a bit easier 🔗 than the eight. 🔗 If 🔗 you 🔗 knew 🔗 or heard the also run you ready. 🔗 Again the featured year ten minutes of truth long Monday afternoon in Toronto than 🔗 if the last one to contact me at the moment 🔗 and worked out the right here is cleaning windows for the night. 🔗 And this is through the windows where the chairman that actually got exact. Over. 🔗 The dirty rotten smelly drain and console comes in the right year Lone Ranger. 🔗 You reckon the right ear is well skip what's going on get him well you know talk to 🔗 each other. 🔗 Katherine can occur in there with the right ear hony not quiet no crow a little on 🔗 the low side. SIMON a little on the high side. 🔗 Thank great change from Monday afternoon 🔗 and you've also got the right you know those are your words not mine. 🔗 I'm glad you enjoy music. Let's say right here for you sir. 🔗 Superpower this is almost Super not quite so Stevens's got the 🔗 right year spike the skipper hasn't with your mates 🔗 and I spike as the toffee also with the wrong year old a Also with the wrong year. 🔗 The king of Caris also given the wrong lead to a degree. 🔗 Slightly less the kind that the right yes. Giving a seventy five first. 🔗 I know it's no seventy four when the sixty's guys was the. 🔗 Close but not they. Yeah. 🔗 Sixty's Mick has got the right. 🔗 Load toughing again and got the wrong he had. 🔗 Which makes sixty seven threes 🔗 that I after you will know if I see you doing the cricket and 🔗 that this week make a sort of. Back at work. What's going on what's going on. 🔗 Chamberlain Yes I think things he says the chairman has also come back 🔗 and got the right year as well. 🔗 That's a load Glenn Mulcaire even claims call this right big comes back 🔗 and guess he's right. What's going on. Is Johnny Cash. 🔗 Well my death toll. 🔗 When I was three and he didn't leave much room on me just a stolen goods 🔗 or an empty bottle I don't blame him cause he run in here doesn't mean it's 🔗 going that he ever did was going for a laugh. He went to Mamie Sue. 🔗 Well they must have got that it was quite a joke 🔗 and it got a lot of laughs came a lot of names I had to divide my whole life. 🔗 You know go 🔗 and I just read some guide late night bus instead of saying life saving in the girl 🔗 born named Sue but I grew up quick. 🔗 And I grew up mean my parents got a heart you know 🔗 when he got he rolled down the sound I had lice Jane 🔗 when I Made me about the moon and stars I saw its own songs and bars 🔗 and kill that man a dream it all. 🔗 But it was Gettysburg in mid July 🔗 and I just down the road was dry. I thought I'd stop and. 🔗 Through the littlest freedom of the table 🔗 deal in such a dirty mangy to name a slew of new 🔗 that it makes my own sweet dad from the pictures of my mother's hair 🔗 and I knew the scar on his cheek it is the he was big fan 🔗 and older than a woman love blood ran my name is 🔗 well 🔗 I hit him hard right between the eyes he went down with them. 🔗 I come up with a knife and cut off a piece of my ear 🔗 but I first took a chair right across his teeth 🔗 and we crashed through the wall into the street again 🔗 and again just in the murder of blood and the beer cold supper man 🔗 but I really can't remember where like a mule 🔗 and a bit like a crocodile heard a laugh until I heard him because he was first 🔗 gone up as he stood there looking at me I saw him smile. 🔗 He said This world is rough a man's going to make it. 🔗 He's gotta be and I know I wouldn't be there to help you. 🔗 So I give you the name of the said goodbye. 🔗 I knew you'd have to get through the Senate. Let him make you strong. 🔗 There's no you just one hell of a fight and I know you hate me 🔗 and you've got the right to kill me now what do you blame me if you don't acquit 🔗 me before I've done with the gravel 🔗 when you got him with the use I 🔗 got all choked up. 🔗 I 🔗 think they all are George Bush 🔗 names. 🔗 So let me. 🔗 Thank you. 🔗 That's 🔗 that claim a whole lot a lot on air and online. 🔗 It is out on the line. 🔗 Thank you. 🔗 It's two o'clock B.B.C. 🔗 Radio again see news I'm soo current 🔗 and the parents of murdered guns he woman Sarah gross of asked the U.K. 🔗 Government to intervene on their behalf. 🔗 The twenty four year old was killed on a houseboat in Kashmir in two thousand 🔗 and thirteen the man accused of a murder Richard Devitt denies all charges to date 🔗 the court has met on seventy seven occasions 🔗 and now political unrest has brought proceedings to a complete standstill. 🔗 Sarah's father Vic Groves says the only hope is to get the trial moved to a 🔗 different country. I think the only way this poll. 🔗 Can have a reach a satisfactory conclusion if you don't like inclusion toll is to 🔗 move it somewhere else. Now we try to elevate this. 🔗 Government level we think it's going to be all legal. 🔗 It's got beyond all the normal processes 🔗 that one would expect to go through it's become a diplomatic cum government level 🔗 political mission now. 🔗 Local Marine pilot deputy Barry paints has people like him on being listened to 🔗 when it comes to plans for a deep water bath the fuel tank because there are 🔗 concerns about the current operation in Samson's hob which dries out at low tide. 🔗 One option is to build a new bus near alone who defeated paint says it's the wrong 🔗 place. He thinks it should be it for Doyle near both that marina. 🔗 Well the president of the committee PL environment 🔗 and infrastructure says local pilots were. Will be consulted. 🔗 When it comes to thinking of alternatives to Sampson Sabah deputy Barry Breyer says 🔗 fuel security is a priority and his committee will be pressing policy 🔗 and resources to put it top of the list for capital expenditure. 🔗 We gave ourselves this false sense of security fuel security 🔗 when we purchased the tankers we had to do 🔗 that because there was a real risk at that time that the elements 🔗 that control what we do are not necessarily Europe or other countries 🔗 but perhaps companies with their own risk register. 🔗 So if you're a refinery in the U.K. 🔗 Are you happy to be signing fuel off now 🔗 that comes to Guernsey bearing in mind the manner in which it's discharged that's 🔗 that's a huge concern for a number of people. 🔗 The former Aston Villa footballer Dalian Atkinson has died after being Tasered by 🔗 police at an address in Telford in structure officers were called to the property 🔗 in the early hours of this morning because of concerns about the safety of an 🔗 individual. 🔗 Mr Atkinson who was forty eight played for Villa in the early one nine hundred 🔗 ninety S. 🔗 and Scored in their League Cup Final victory over match to united the B.B.C.'s 🔗 phone check who's in Telford says they have already been many tributes to him on 🔗 social media many people have been taking to Twitter including from the Aston Villa 🔗 fans has said it's no exaggeration that in his day Dalian actions 🔗 and was the most complete striker I've ever seen the U.K. 🔗 Prime minister Trey's a May is said to be very much pleased by the closure of a law 🔗 firm which was accused of submitting hundreds of periods allegations of misconduct 🔗 and unlawful killing by British troops in Iraq public interest lawyers is to shut 🔗 the end of the month after it was stripped of legal aid funding. 🔗 Backing against If the weather's getting a bit hot for you. 🔗 Office workers are being encouraged to wear their Bermuda shorts this week in 🔗 support of the men's charity which. 🔗 Focuses on prostate bowel 🔗 and testicular cancer mug wants everyone to wear shorts to highlight how male 🔗 cancers can affect Islanders and how they can be avoided and detected earlier. 🔗 A spokesperson for the charity says it's a chance to everyone to do something 🔗 without asking for sponsorship and there's no physical training either. 🔗 So let's have a look at the source. 🔗 Whether it is so it's whether fine 🔗 and sunny twenty three Celsius is the forecast down to fifteen tonight the keep on. 🔗 Wind east northeast more forceful case new fresh force five dropping down to light 🔗 for three to moderate forceful overnight. B.B.C. 🔗 Radio against the News at four minutes past two John Randall 🔗 to 🔗 shit shit shit 🔗 shit 🔗 has hit 🔗 it has at 🔗 at what it is 🔗 at the top five past a welcome bang now 🔗 and morons was coming in now 🔗 and cheery met there with Roy you know I make certain things make John. 🔗 Loud soft floors I'm going to play this week to give him a chance any dreams he 🔗 says that I missed the Bronco solo or my pain 🔗 but a bubble buddy. And I jumped in my jacuzzi and. 🔗 Enough said on that I think you've got a right 🔗 and just to remind your Mrs showing that I used to have a. B.B.C. 🔗 Jackie shaman wished to live. 🔗 Can you stop using the loo at the moment. 🔗 Oh please try to clean the trying 🔗 that the poor bloke he's thinkin if you am one time is a low the king of carrots 🔗 comes back Ingels this one right. 🔗 Lot of ink and says he'd like to congratulate the world on degree says. 🔗 Lone Ranger. The boy's five numbers are not sure what you mean. 🔗 So I mean yes I am aware I have an appointment with you not me personally twelve 🔗 thirty and Jackie and the and she calls them. 🔗 Nine point four a cracker. 🔗 This is a quick look at the Tigers moved and the O'Malley says one year 🔗 and Jackie says the other and they both thinking in the wrong direction wrong. 🔗 The old G.'s remember them. 🔗 One 🔗 old 🔗 at 🔗 the. 🔗 When there was 🔗 a narrow alley way way 🔗 way 🔗 way 🔗 way 🔗 down there 🔗 was a day 🔗 and am going 🔗 to 🔗 going to 🔗 be 🔗 a 🔗 day where where 🔗 where 🔗 where 🔗 and who may 🔗 and. 🔗 Me 🔗 me no limits 🔗 wanted me 🔗 to 🔗 Rio 🔗 twenty six states the Olympic Games 🔗 greatest show on a live on B.B.C. 🔗 T.V. 🔗 and Radio five Live show twice my set then choose from up to twenty four 🔗 lives for what trial I will get the latest from the games on the B.B.C. 🔗 Sports website and that let me go live in a right to live than ever 🔗 and make even more Rio twenty sixteen across the B.B.C. 🔗 and 🔗 Leading 🔗 the Liberal he praises the 🔗 leading 🔗 lady Naoko he raises me. 🔗 But 🔗 you must know then he's 🔗 any of the lady living. 🔗 The 🔗 man 🔗 you 🔗 want 🔗 to bring to the living in the legal 🔗 status 🔗 to stay with your man 🔗 to 🔗 lead 🔗 you may play a role. 🔗 He is 🔗 trying 🔗 trying to bang bang bang very first on the scene the Beatles 🔗 and something all I hen 🔗 and then Bob Dylan Lay Lady Lay It's free to do you hear on B.B.C. 🔗 Radio Guernsey because slowly a only a little bit only a little bit less Yeah 🔗 you've worked 🔗 that one out of the last time I ever flushed you out somewhere along the line 🔗 and so I would do 🔗 that with the right year as one thought 🔗 it 🔗 through 🔗 to 🔗 at. 🔗 🔗 By 🔗 my 🔗 lawyer 🔗 and 🔗 started and come back with the right. You're listening to B.B.C. 🔗 Radio Kenzi But why do you and thousands like you continue to enjoy all 🔗 that we have to offer. It's the heartbeat of any town and like an island here. 🔗 It's a heartbeat. 🔗 When a off heads local radio here about pick being the then I think my daughter has 🔗 a really touched by that. 🔗 Some of the people that I work with a high paid staff writer 🔗 and the best not the end of the radio said I'd say someone will die I'll say friend 🔗 you say what they can't talk with them when you can you can ring them up. 🔗 You certainly can. 🔗 Two hundred three seven three is the number to call if you've lost a pet. 🔗 If you want to tell us about anything extraordinary happening in your life 🔗 or if you just want us to know that you're listening to B.B.C. 🔗 Radio Guernsey where pulse of your world and we like to think we help just a bit. 🔗 On twenty five B.C. Radio. 🔗 Puma County Maryland Eastman John Lennon 🔗 and Yoko Ono's. 🔗 And I pull First the orcas at least one that was the jungle first 🔗 and service with the 🔗 crew 🔗 and 🔗 bring 🔗 her 🔗 down. 🔗 Then 🔗 when a much older one 🔗 holding has the 🔗 budget of 🔗 a breach at the 🔗 that 🔗 has got 🔗 the out 🔗 who 🔗 and who am I what 🔗 do 🔗 what do I am 🔗 one 🔗 who 🔗 has 🔗 a 🔗 at 🔗 the 🔗 White. 🔗 Thank 🔗 them 🔗 who 🔗 say 🔗 hey 🔗 mom am who I 🔗 am 🔗 a 🔗 C.E.O. 🔗 Pay 🔗 me 🔗 say 🔗 the 🔗 way I am. 🔗 Well 🔗 there is some change translates into the air nineteen sixteen No I name the sixty 🔗 nine was a chosen year. 🔗 Well known lies 🔗 and lies we get in there big he just made the last change there from one thousand 🔗 nine hundred sixty nine all did very very well indeed a new year. Tomorrow. 🔗 B.B.C. 🔗 Radio guarantee whether I want to go here then. 🔗 Well fine and sunny twenty three high on Guernsey twenty one on old me. 🔗 Both were strong and fifteen Celsius evening and overnight. 🔗 Given the access down to swell up to seven I should say I've seen what's in line 🔗 this year and I'm surprised it's not around there with the twenty three. 🔗 However seven tonight the visibility is good. 🔗 The wind is to NE motor falls for occasionally fresh for fire then decreasing lot 🔗 for straight amount of force for overnights 🔗 and if you're anybody can see slight slight to moderate summer I choose the sunny 🔗 and hot day or fine I will not wait for it. 🔗 Get a hat on your head around the kids get some sun block Hans's count to twenty 🔗 five old me twenty three minimum over not sixteen yet see what for me I just need 🔗 to dump the Dubai and use a sheet. 🔗 The winds tomorrow Eastern 🔗 or the slot for three to moderate force for increasing force for the last for a 🔗 time and then for a time in the afternoon and evening and then it is going. 🔗 Afresh was far back to the diary. 🔗 Just as something. 🔗 Back 🔗 to 🔗 the next room was 🔗 known 🔗 for 🔗 her out to you. 🔗 She 🔗 told me I can start 🔗 to 🔗 get 🔗 away 🔗 with 🔗 it. 🔗 It 🔗 has 🔗 for 🔗 one 🔗 am 🔗 one 🔗 who 🔗 left 🔗 who am 🔗 I am a 🔗 one 🔗 on one 🔗 who has 🔗 a 🔗 one. 🔗 One. 🔗 🔗 Begin 🔗 to show that our heritage it's about taking young people 🔗 and saying the OK I'm just not going all the she was so i'll just stop companies 🔗 with children through college actually angel right may go to jail. 🔗 Carolyn in a B.B.C. 🔗 Radio Guernsey will be at the West Show this week 🔗 and you know show next week the process when you go around the arena 🔗 and the crowd is smiling and now saying and the recognition 🔗 that you've managed to get absolutely false. All alone and make the same. 🔗 I'm all the gear. I'll be live from L.A. 🔗 Right from HA past Nonna Wednesday 🔗 that on Thursday is the town of John Randall live in the show ground in the 🔗 afternoon I just a really fun atmosphere passionate about island life be received 🔗 radio go and see at the summer shows. 🔗 John Randall 🔗 wrapped 🔗 up in it 🔗 wrapped up 🔗 when he was 🔗 calm and. 🔗 If 🔗 it 🔗 was. 🔗 🔗 Tell 🔗 me the real flame mean to me I am a tank or the stray I am going James Jones 🔗 and coming in just after three o'clock. Charlie. 🔗 I want to stay in the States 🔗 and also talk with James as well let me give you a couple of stories of yesterday 🔗 of yesteryear and said Yesterday sixteen twenty 🔗 that more than yesterday the Mayflower set sail on a new world for well for the new 🔗 world. 🔗 If you break eighteen forty eight the dental chair on this day was patented by 🔗 Waldo 🔗 and nineteen fourteen the Panama Canal actually open to traffic 🔗 nine hundred eighty seven. 🔗 You know not only on this very day campaigning in schools 🔗 that was officially banned in all British schools no painting now will turn back to 🔗 nineteen fifty or less a quick you are on this one. Jacki very very quick these. 🔗 Jamaica nineteen fifty eight on this. 🔗 Secretly married. Marie. Elena. San Diego. 🔗 Parents. 🔗 Sorry at his parents I'm secretly married. 🔗 Son 🔗 and his parents a very very well known singer. 🔗 If nobody gets a few minutes from something. 🔗 Wow quick quickly. 🔗 It wasn't a lone ranger it was a good good good guess 🔗 it's 🔗 not Elvis 🔗 or oh it's not Elvis nine hundred fifty eight the secret marriage 🔗 his parents. 🔗 He 🔗 has. 🔗 To R Us chain reaction B.B.C. 🔗 Ready again to send Jackie was fast as he got in there very quickly let's have a 🔗 bass. 🔗 Typing I wasn't John Kennedy it was this time back in nine hundred fifty eight this 🔗 superstar secretly married Marie Elena San Diego 🔗 and was these parents home in love or. Yeah you know is when I said Lubbock. 🔗 It's this guy Buddy Holly the 🔗 one guy 🔗 who has 🔗 a 🔗 great day 🔗 with 🔗 and who 🔗 may be a 🔗 man with 🔗 the. 🔗 Great to see 🔗 one who has 🔗 the 🔗 power 🔗 to 🔗 the be 🔗 Buddy 🔗 Holly was a my we were looking for a sing in rave on the yes it was at nine hundred 🔗 fifty eight. I think Mr trust him. 🔗 Your are mixing sound bites on pay fifty eight was the Buddy Holly want to do the 🔗 kind 🔗 that came with eighty seven nine hundred eighty seven caning was officially banned 🔗 in all British states and locals I mean seriously. That would dress him up. 🔗 I don't know but anyway. And he was. He was still going in the seventy's. 🔗 I'm sure you were because it was eighty seven 🔗 that caning in LOS was covered guns as well as the U.K. 🔗 that I was mentioning there and also mentioned 🔗 that the Panama Canal open to traffic in nine hundred fourteen 🔗 one of the elm B.B.C. 🔗 Radio gansey set fire to the rain. 🔗 But 🔗 you know 🔗 when. 🔗 Thank 🔗 you. 🔗 I am 🔗 going 🔗 to try and get it out. All in my brain. 🔗 It's 🔗 three o'clock B.B.C. 🔗 Radio Guernsey News I'm to Cornton the parents of murdered Guernsey woman. 🔗 Sara Groves have asked the U.K. Government to intervene on their behalf. 🔗 The twenty four year old was killed on a houseboat in Kashmir in two thousand 🔗 and thirteen the man accused of the murder Richard of it denies all the charges to 🔗 date the court has met on seventy seven occasions 🔗 and now political unrest in the area has brought proceedings to a complete 🔗 standstill. 🔗 Sara thought of the Grove says the only hope is to get the trial moved to a 🔗 different country. I think the only way this poll. 🔗 Can never reach a satisfactory conclusion if you don't like inclusion toll is to 🔗 move it somewhere else. 🔗 Now we try to elevate this government level we think it's going to be all 🔗 legal. It's got beyond all the normal processes 🔗 that one would expect to go through it's become a diplomatic cum government level 🔗 political mission now. 🔗 But twenty four year old guns humans appeared in court charged with importing 🔗 ecstasy pills with the street 🔗 that you have up to twenty one thousand pounds customs officers into set to the 🔗 package on Wednesday containing the class A drug and D.N.A. 🔗 Today the prosecution asked to have the matter submitted to the Royal Court because 🔗 of the serious nature of the offense the case was adjourned until the twelfth of 🔗 September. The former football a Dalian concern. 🔗 Who played for Aston Villa Ipswich Town 🔗 and Sheffield Wednesday has died after being Tasered by police in Telford in 🔗 Shropshire he was forty eight West Mercia Police said officers were responding to a 🔗 call expressing concern for the safety of an individual in the early hours of the 🔗 morning neighbors Tina 🔗 and Matthew described how they learned about what had happened. 🔗 My son heard a bang as a shot in the flight came to a box 🔗 and quite a lot of men 🔗 passed 🔗 away. The U.K. 🔗 Prime minister Theresa May is said to be very pleased by the closure of a law firm 🔗 which was accused of submitting spurious allegations of misconduct 🔗 and unlawful killing by British troops in Iraq public interest lawyers 🔗 based in Birmingham is to shut after it was stripped of legal aid funding an 🔗 inquiry found 🔗 that some of the cases brought by the firm were based on deliberate lies 🔗 and reckless speculation. U.K. 🔗 Police force says it was unable to complete its search of a reservoir where the 🔗 body of missing Jersey man. 🔗 Adrian Lynch was later found the homicide police marine unit was called in to 🔗 search the onto a reservoir in December 🔗 but didn't find Mr Lynn more from a Livia had been to offices from Humberside 🔗 Police use sound waves equipment known as sonar to search on to a reservoir for 🔗 ageing Lynch a week after he was reported missing in December 🔗 but today they told the B.B.C. 🔗 that Due to the reservoir soft muddy floor 🔗 and slowly edge in the water they weren't able to get a clear enough picture 🔗 and complete their search on the site police say sonar technology is a useful aid 🔗 to set. On water 🔗 but it can be hinted by obstructions in the water Detective Superintendent Stewart 🔗 go from the state suggest the police said 🔗 that despite the best efforts of visitors he was pool 🔗 and it was just one of a number of water. Such is being done in the area. 🔗 The body of a joint venture was formally identified on Friday. 🔗 And Britain's first gymnastics 🔗 and limping champion Max Whitlock who took two goals last night says the 🔗 achievement hasn't yet sunk in speaking in the past too as he described the moment 🔗 he invented triumphed in the men's flow exercise. It was Christ at heart. 🔗 In what Senator says pull me off. 🔗 I'm out of so much out that I was and was 🔗 when it hit me like a pile of bricks a little thank God was nice 🔗 and he says I like You're the champion and I just was one on my side 🔗 and it was unbelievable failure 🔗 but I know it's refocused out while much of it out in the public will fight back 🔗 and to China and Jim and I get when the other. 🔗 And the weather fine and sunny twenty three Celsius is the forecast for good. C. 🔗 and Twenty one for all to me the visibility is good. U.V. 🔗 Index is seven when does east 🔗 and northeast moderate forceful case negress falsified decreasing light for three 🔗 to moderate forceful overnight old initial change that the temperature 🔗 but the forecast is generally good B.B.C. 🔗 Radio continues five posts from the killing. Randall T.V. 🔗 Series radios going. 🔗 Back. 🔗 It has no 🔗 one 🔗 knows 🔗 where 🔗 it 🔗 has 🔗 been 🔗 one 🔗 who's 🔗 has 🔗 a. 🔗 It has 🔗 a 🔗 big 🔗 margin 🔗 John Berman way you make me feel B.B.C. 🔗 Radio games a Monday afternoon and find James up. 🔗 Not that long ago Sissoko unfasten in the James flicks and welcome. 🔗 But I don't how you can. 🔗 I'm very well during the six unseen for a while there are thirty two of my guns on 🔗 the planet. So no. The Hideaway in the kitchen. What are you doing. 🔗 Set up cooked by by James Dirksen to his near enough now 🔗 and it's going really well you can't buy what you do now. 🔗 So I can't always call the corporate and private but yes centuries and is 🔗 that very anything I mean you know pretty much the offices at lunchtime sandwich on 🔗 chess board lunches and things like that then barbecue sauce roast 🔗 and what I'm doing is I'm working with a lot of other companies so we can do it 🔗 because functions so Kathy deletes work with those guys quite a lot. 🔗 James parity feel to a lot of the drink Services for me 🔗 and we just work together with Jason and for a store guys 🔗 and it just works it's working really well you know pride partition the evening 🔗 you'll get a booking for a dinner party botanical something 🔗 and then something like that. You know a play parties. 🔗 All sorts of stuff you know weddings stomach opera weddings issue as well as a 🔗 pretty big step for me. Got a good number book for next year so it's exciting. 🔗 So I'm So did I did a pop up last year at Figure out what you had actually launched. 🔗 So it was a Middle Eastern thing 🔗 and I hoping to do another one of those later in the year which was a bit luck is 🔗 going to be going down to South American thing. 🔗 And I eat is LA teaching over the many many years we got fusion foods 🔗 and things are you still incorporating them into the business. 🔗 Fusion food source traverse Lashon to want to. 🔗 Just books I mean Amazon lambs and wish list it's just books 🔗 that cookbooks coming through with all times. 🔗 It's important to stay on top of what's fashionable 🔗 but equally you know if a couple couple want wedding 🔗 that steamed around Spanish food then I need to make sure it's authentic 🔗 and honest 🔗 and I do what I would think I want to research the dishes properly so 🔗 that you have books coming in all the time 🔗 but one which is just based soley on food from my Peter the other day. 🔗 Because I said let's go with something that's from the Blair X.. 🔗 So there's minimal conditions and all sorts of stuff. It's just yes great enjoy it. 🔗 The experimenting is well it is. 🔗 Yeah we have to be honest runnin run in the kitchen myself now I don't really have 🔗 too much time for experimenting it's it's more. 🔗 It's just the books and getting ideas 🔗 and then like I say I get very meant to know that. 🔗 So give me drugs then yeah a couple who are going to meet me 🔗 and Charlie in the kitchen and I'm trying no that won't work. That's not do that. 🔗 Yes it's just the Internet's good as well here who will stuff you in 🔗 takes a moment and I think I mean 🔗 that the health food is obviously super super fashionable 🔗 and super important moment. 🔗 But I think that's transferring from just been slowly health food shops 🔗 and health food stores it's becoming you know it's becoming a regular thing on men 🔗 use the healthy options. 🔗 No sugar free options that you would expect to see them on 🔗 and then you know rather than having to ask them socially. 🔗 I don't know I certainly try to incorporate them in bbq menu. 🔗 The majority of the salad to be vegetarian 🔗 that we really clean I think clean food is the thing that's sessional 🔗 and important but not the fashion let me be the wrong word 🔗 but it's important to make people know where it's come from what it's been grown in 🔗 you know what it was versus Yeah yeah. 🔗 Really it's I'm a food problem I am in love hopper. 🔗 And it's and then it's braids or what it is I mean some present to me Harbor 🔗 and I'm just wondering if it's some of the all the things being talked 🔗 and yeah that's you know the feeling and you know any better 🔗 and actually we go again you get an arc 🔗 and then go together stand you know it's true it's really it's really kicking me 🔗 there. 🔗 The moment I'm really into what we're here to call if you can find out what is your 🔗 eating what's been put into the food as well and I say I try and keep it clean. 🔗 It's clean possibly can and. 🔗 Yes fresh it's always good to say that glucose on a gluten free. 🔗 You know that's one of those things that now like I said you'd expect to see 🔗 that on the menu I would expect 🔗 that to be at least one option that's going free much is vegetarian once you know 🔗 you know you go there 🔗 and you know man you go to expect to see it on the majority menus 🔗 and certainly an alternative to. 🔗 If you a burger for instance I would expect there would be a gluten free roll 🔗 available in place of. 🔗 So people it's not awkward for people to say or if you've got anything else. 🔗 So yeah that's OK so you're limited to sort of numbers you can sort of reach 🔗 with people I mean I think if I went about the hundred one hundred fifty I'll 🔗 probably be pushing at this stage you know 🔗 but I don't know I was around although you know yeah I guess so. Yeah. 🔗 You notice it's all just exciting 🔗 and I mean the number of people I've said you know talked to 🔗 and said you know ultimately I'm a chef. 🔗 I'm not I don't really know the first thing about business I'm just finding my feet 🔗 and learning pretty much every day to you know this little box in the James Webb 🔗 star I guess so let's call in fact that's cool 🔗 that it's some work experience at the Frager and at the chick Richmond 🔗 and then I try journalism as well. 🔗 And yeah stuck to the kitchen went to the house and did my apprenticeship there 🔗 and then. A couple ski seasons. 🔗 Oh yeah and then came back over here and really look back. 🔗 Enjoy it and I think that all the time I enjoy I'll keep doing it. 🔗 My mom my wife the cause flicker forty fifty but she did in the military 🔗 and see think the kings and queens and everybody 🔗 but she said it was kind of like made too easy for the guys in the military. 🔗 Then they went out fighting wars and one of you but with a chef and. 🔗 When it was things like I don't know big food causing some where they serve motels 🔗 over it for many years the royal thing was one of the where they dressed their 🔗 hands and everything else. 🔗 It was easy for the military says or get all that sort of stuff 🔗 and you know do the decoration Yeah. 🔗 And I think the greed in scale is just so exciting 🔗 that you can get them really easily. 🔗 If you can get them locally then you can get them from the internet without too 🔗 much problem with all the stuff from all over the world to know crazy crazy 🔗 ingredients that you see in books 🔗 that you wonder how you're going to get them they're easy to get hold of yeah 🔗 and that's the other exciting thing is getting past also the posting Oh well. My. 🔗 Whatever spices just arrived on the last component of the customs 🔗 when Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 🔗 yeah that's the trouble you know it's true. 🔗 No no it's exciting it's you know it's really really good 🔗 and what are your favorite foods. 🔗 What do you like I just like food from around the world. 🔗 I don't think it really matters where they're from I just just exciting flavors to 🔗 peruse at the moment I'm really into proving to Middle Eastern food. 🔗 It's always it's always nice Turkey's favorite places you know we used to like you 🔗 know I don't know if it's advisable to go on holiday to get away or not 🔗 but I know we used to go to Turkey regularly in the food was it's really nice if 🔗 you find the right right. Restaurant. 🔗 Maybe a little bit off the beaten track 🔗 and you always know as you know you travel some of the locals me. If I can do. 🔗 Yeah yeah right. Only you know if you find a certain number of restaurants 🔗 and yet or stop a sleeper. 🔗 If you can find 🔗 that one little restaurant that's maybe filled with the local guy smoking a pipe 🔗 and yell you know sit down with those guys and try that. 🔗 I think if it's good for those guys it's got to be. 🔗 It's got to be authentic weirdest thing even. With a single. 🔗 Probably one of these days. Drive box. 🔗 Mufson screenshots I know you've got those kind of things my worms are yet another 🔗 so you know you have to leave it here. 🔗 You know it's off to the dance floor challenge 🔗 that off the dance floor tiling generator and the house for at least a little bugs. 🔗 Yeah that's true. 🔗 I really didn't know I'd be in the to take your protein apparently apparently so it 🔗 was a jungle thing going good with I thought Oh. 🔗 That's gotta be the weirdest thing I think and everything you need you want to try. 🔗 And if you know I really want to try not to trouble with some things I know. 🔗 Yeah I really want to try I'm not sure I'm sure 🔗 that there would be no I think it's one of those just get to get to a place 🔗 and see something on the menu thinking. 🔗 Let's get that Troy rock I think we try coming to Morocco wants. 🔗 Wasn't the meet you feeling right now. 🔗 I don't know a lot of the two seems in that many games only I think so yeah 🔗 and it's the spices again it's all the spices that go in the days 🔗 that used to be different but now it's just a couple clicks 🔗 and you can get them into you know get them over here safely which generally I 🔗 think you probably can't you know anyway. 🔗 So I said what you said you know there is 🔗 that certain thing called the internet as in you can get my things 🔗 and he says great and they'll be through the post in no time to change clothes 🔗 and in the studio with me going to place play a piece of music from The Monkees 🔗 will be back in a moment. 🔗 With 🔗 that one. 🔗 Now 🔗 why because I hate it 🔗 when it 🔗 has to. 🔗 It 🔗 has to do 🔗 listen 🔗 to 🔗 the day 🔗 that it is a day to. 🔗 Take the. 🔗 Take the mayor has 🔗 a major operation in his 🔗 limo. 🔗 That's not the solution. 🔗 Each weekday from five to seven we tackle the big talking points on the audience at 🔗 five. It just shows a pathetic by a precise us pathetic response. 🔗 I'm sure that the message will be far more polished with a professional P.R. 🔗 Person I've got nothing against There are some things the police will be able to do 🔗 but there are other times when it will be beneficial 🔗 and produce a return on investment by using professional communicators we bring the 🔗 world to you with expert analysis from B.B.C. 🔗 Reporters around the globe our reporter Andrew Bumford has dived down to see how 🔗 off the coast of grace three miles of the island of Cuba the time we catch up on 🔗 the best the B.B.C. Radio Gandy has to offer from throughout the day 🔗 that was frustrating 🔗 when she saw I had to because he's having a man waving a flag walking in front of 🔗 him. That's the arms of quietly to use every weekday on B.B.C. 🔗 Radio Guernsey 🔗 to 🔗 not show 🔗 a 🔗 fearsome thoughts of God 🔗 and my 🔗 hear speaks in a man known as. 🔗 When 🔗 we 🔗 see John isn't even a thought on a 🔗 mountain area in the 🔗 scheme of day if 🔗 this was a bomb 🔗 bomb bomb 🔗 bomb 🔗 bomb 🔗 bomb 🔗 bomb 🔗 way 🔗 eight 🔗 hundred 🔗 one. 🔗 We 🔗 saw a 🔗 newsroom 🔗 run into a good day. 🔗 Who 🔗 has 🔗 only 🔗 Robbie Williams images talk myself into a tap as even ironic in times of solace 🔗 when I out for me a lot so also because it can tell me every day 🔗 when it barbecuing is me and always used to poison yourself. 🔗 Yes Crayton Are there any way to the coast get hot rather than chop around the the 🔗 flame and things like you are ambitious to choose on than the black. I plan. 🔗 Why I think it's the it's one of the skills 🔗 and let him go get the coals just right let's not put on the gas as wobbling Yeah I 🔗 think he just kind of keep on keeping tellin you what you can do is maybe 🔗 pre-cooked him a little bit in the open in the kitchen 🔗 and then put them on the barbecue just to make sure the cook two or three. 🔗 If you mess around the chicken especially you need to make sure it's cooked all the 🔗 way so I say check your chicken is one of the well you get if you tell me. 🔗 And I also a moment think things are if you get a macro that's not from the 🔗 gorgeous. Little parcels of micro. 🔗 Soares figure that they were pointed also get some point needles and wash them 🔗 and you basically put see your macro the flesh of the mackerel in just lots of 🔗 point needles 🔗 and then just wrap it in paper there in time for the barbecue to get really nice 🔗 foresty After got so similar are been using. 🔗 One of our cherry apple. 🔗 I think the other one I use yet then I send the usenet with what I was going to 🔗 cook with the cinnamon 🔗 and you sound like all these woods in water for a while then you put them in your 🔗 barbecue you get the apple in the cherry for cell phones 🔗 and a need smokes the food as well. 🔗 Yes No I sells really good dry that it is really good. I don't know. 🔗 After all and something. 🔗 Is quite Yes so it was a friend of mine who introduced me to riches. 🔗 Sean Taylor had offered and I tried one of them. 🔗 And therein lies the takeaway dishes. 🔗 Yeah they're not in the takeaway dish 🔗 and you so come in then just leave him in a girl was 🔗 and tell you put him in your barbecue 🔗 and the zero most beautiful Yeah sounds really good is really you can really add it 🔗 to taking a class 🔗 and I mean really tried it was I mean I like doing repetitive steaks and that 🔗 but is it weird on a Friday on a decent film but a waste. 🔗 I think is to be honest I wouldn't fit on the particular I think I go for maybe at 🔗 maybe a certain Yeah laughs I really go for that but I say with the smoking 🔗 and the Romans that was something I probably said this you before something 🔗 that was always you know sort of a college was making people eat with all their 🔗 senses and just don't say the smoke or you come in for dinner. 🔗 That's that's got you ready to eat it. Way. 🔗 It's like the fresh baking bread when you're going to health. 🔗 That's right and the fresh coffee just makes you go right and ready to eat. 🔗 You know even if you weren't hungry two minutes ago you soon will be. Like. 🔗 There's lots of expenses and also I mean again going back to the barbecue. 🔗 I like doing vegetables on the barbecue. 🔗 Yeah I actually bought one of those baskets full of old 🔗 and I put them all in there and keeps them and so I don't put all those in 🔗 and I just like just just roasted that's a good wage cause 🔗 that you know preteens you know. Yeah really nice fresh fruit. Yet it's good clean. 🔗 That's all that's really good. I think because you know where it's come from. 🔗 You know I some fresh. 🔗 Yeah barbecue top here because we had Bob He just actually there on the beach. 🔗 How would happen how would I would change focus 🔗 and do a lot sterner barbecue what would you do. 🔗 How to do a lobster on a barbecue probably just cut it straight down a little. 🔗 But if you got some garlic butter keep it really simple. 🔗 I think lobster and crab for that matter. 🔗 Best serve really simple keep from cream flavors. 🔗 So maybe new potatoes green salad and lobster with some call it 🔗 and it's really simple 🔗 but I think it needs to be overcomplicated kind of talk for itself. 🔗 Maybe if you wanted to do something different. Get tight flavors I guess. Yeah. 🔗 Chili go and go moose and some ginger and then to turn that into butter 🔗 or something. Possibly you just mentioned garlic and put in boxes those nice. 🔗 Yeah really nice on 🔗 that you know this always just like whatever you want just chop them really finally 🔗 put them in a blender and then that you butter. 🔗 Turn it into so and there's wrapping and going from top in the freezer 🔗 and it's sadly that's just I've got one of my my big flat hand up to date 🔗 and I did some games we bought are in buggy this is. And when I stop in there. 🔗 I did just a small cup of one in there as well. 🔗 Lots of seasoning and then I put this collapse in 🔗 and squeeze the lemons lovely just free form and it's volcanic 🔗 and turn him over after beautiful seating and he. We just I'm looking at. 🔗 Well yeah I don't need that there's not many days. 🔗 I don't think it's no different type of snow around the seafood again back to you 🔗 in your business freedom out there on the front of you know you see in the sun 🔗 Marlo that kind of thing. Yeah it's on like I call them the cake to the planks. 🔗 Yet I feel he can do all that. 🔗 Yeah yeah I mean really I think the basic The idea is just really not whatever 🔗 people want but you know he likes a flexible catering You know if you really are. 🔗 If people want me to just deliver a buffet 🔗 and they want to the sandwiches that's fine if people want a dinner party 🔗 and they want to look after the to dessert for instance 🔗 and leave me with the starter the main course that's that's fine as well is this 🔗 flexible. You know it's to fit with everyone's budget it's not exclusive at all. 🔗 It's just it's. 🔗 I enjoy catering and it's you know making people's lives easier 🔗 and doing what I enjoy doing really well you know you are an amazing chef I'm 🔗 everything. 🔗 I'm working with so it was the olive tree it was you know it's got this kitchen 🔗 doesn't it actually did yeah it was pretty much in the air hose a long while ago 🔗 conscious thought so that would be really good fun. 🔗 Good fun event great evening that we did laugh at doing. 🔗 We said yeah yeah yeah that was a good even try and do some more. 🔗 Charity stuff that's really going you really need it and you'll keep me 🔗 but to keep me informed Absolutely yeah definitely. You want to get out again. 🔗 Yeah. If you really get it. Thank you for coming in. You know it's all thank you. 🔗 Congratulations on new businesses want to thank you. 🔗 And I'll be in touch with a fancy type of seasoning which will renew 🔗 that feeling so you can thank you too. 🔗 She keeps 🔗 me 🔗 on. 🔗 Learning 🔗 should 🔗 resign 🔗 or 🔗 be literally out of action really out of. 🔗 Hamas 🔗 Hamas 🔗 and 🔗 the. 🔗 Trams 🔗 in two thousand and one a pizza. 🔗 Piece of paper piece of paper with a pizza stain all I read being signed by 🔗 three of the full Beatles 🔗 and you know sold for seventeen thousand four hundred forty one pounds. 🔗 Now I know I lied. 🔗 The man you saw mind. 🔗 No 🔗 the sixty seven the Marine broadcasts kind of force that would 🔗 that mean what it meant if you were running a pirate radio station 🔗 twenty six days. 🔗 The Olympic Games greatest show on a 🔗 live on B.B.C. T.V. 🔗 and Radio five live the good life then choose from up to twenty four 🔗 life for watch highlights or get the latest from the game on the B.B.C. 🔗 Sports website 🔗 and to come live in a way to live in an average make even more Rio twenty six days 🔗 across the B.B.C.. 🔗 It 🔗 has. 🔗 Out 🔗 in 🔗 space. 🔗 So it is time 🔗 at least for over a whole tomorrow as well as given twenty five to Mars. 🔗 So please be careful out there in the sun get some sort of protection. 🔗 Fifty S. 🔗 when 🔗 You 🔗 are 🔗 one. 🔗 He 🔗 signed 🔗 them. 🔗 🔗 And 🔗 on Saturday less six minutes to four o'clock 🔗 and put some music into country corner which is a full thirty. 🔗 The 🔗 news 🔗 and for the other side of the street you 🔗 can do you 🔗 wherever they want 🔗 you. 🔗 Only 🔗 a matter with our way 🔗 but now you want to repeat what you say how you get down 🔗 and phrases lay 🔗 siege to 🔗 lock 🔗 down 🔗 the 🔗 street who killed a little black you is 🔗 that day has to be true could. 🔗 It has 🔗 gone 🔗 and online has developed on the fly me a 🔗 hint of what 🔗 it's four o'clock 🔗 B.B.C. Radio continues I'm too current and the president of environment 🔗 and infrastructure says a rerun of the waste debate would be disastrous deputy 🔗 Barry Breyer has been outlining priorities for his committee. 🔗 He says he supports the scrutiny review of the way strategy 🔗 and echoes calls for an update from the States trading soup of his reboard amid 🔗 growing concern over costs to ratepayers 🔗 but he says it's vital the overall strategy stays in place. 🔗 You know we've decided to expose all waste. 🔗 We've decided to give planning permission to the Long who 🔗 that element sits the charging element sits with us. T.S.P. 🔗 It would be a disaster if the states resolve to move away from from what was agreed. 🔗 With regard to why sex water exploitation. 🔗 We cannot look again incineration we've done it twice already. 🔗 The trauma of the man accused of murdering Guernsey woman Sara Groves has been 🔗 brought to a complete standstill by unrest in India and in business 🔗 that Kashmir the twenty four year old was killed on a houseboat in Srinagar in two 🔗 thousand 🔗 and thirteen the man accused of Sarah's murder Richard Devitt denies the charges 🔗 against him to date the court has met on seventy seven occasions 🔗 and there is currently no sign of when the trial will resume Speaking on B.B.C. 🔗 Radio go and see this morning. 🔗 Sarah's father of the Grove says it's unacceptable 🔗 and he's asking the Foreign Office to move proceedings to a different jurisdiction. 🔗 Twenty for guns humans appeared in court charged with importing ecstasy pills with 🔗 a street value of up to twenty one thousand pounds customs officers intercepted a 🔗 package on Wednesday containing the class A drug and D.M. A. 🔗 Today the prosecution asked to have the matter submitted to the Royal Court because 🔗 of the serious nature of the offense the case was adjourned until the twelfth of 🔗 September. 🔗 The former Aston Villa in Sheffield Wednesday football a daily in Akron since died 🔗 after being Tasered by police. Overnight. 🔗 The forty eight year old was given medical treatment 🔗 but died in Telford in the early hours of this morning the Independent Police 🔗 Complaints Commission is investigating tributes to the footballer have poured in 🔗 from former players and teammates who go echo played alongside daily in 🔗 that concern at Aston Villa 🔗 when I first came to us the villa as a eighteen year old took me under his wing. 🔗 He was a mentor for me 🔗 when a mischievous it quickly was powerful quite members to the club play political 🔗 He was kind hearted always had a smile on his face enjoyed life to the fullest 🔗 and with these things for anyone they could. 🔗 The airliner Ynys getting help to refresh its image local market 🔗 and marketing agency Oya have won the contract to raise the airline's profile 🔗 and redesign the in-flight magazine or is also going to rebuild 🔗 and manage the already dot com website. 🔗 The marketing company has worked with Thai Airways for the last six years a 🔗 spokesperson said they were looking forward to the challenge of marketing weanie in 🔗 a more progressive way. The U.K. 🔗 Police force says it was unable to complete its search of a reservoir where the 🔗 body of missing Jer's him 🔗 and Adrian Lynch was later found the homicide police marine unit was called in to 🔗 search on one reservoir in December 🔗 but didn't find Mr Lynch to develop had been reports to offices from Humberside 🔗 Police. 🔗 Yes you use sound waves equipment known as sonar to search on oil reservoir for age 🔗 and then a week off to he was reported missing in December 🔗 but today they told the B.B.C. 🔗 that Due to the reservoir's soft money floor 🔗 and slowly edge in the water they weren't able to get a clear enough picture 🔗 and complete this. 🔗 Humberside Police say sonar technology is a useful aid to such underwater. 🔗 But it can be hindered by obstructions in the water Detective Superintendent Stuart 🔗 go from the state suggest the police said that despite their best efforts 🔗 that visibility was poor and it was just one of a number of water. 🔗 Such is being done in the area. 🔗 The body of a joint venture was formally identified on Friday. 🔗 B.B.C. Radio can see News. 🔗 It's just past four minutes past four and the weather nearly forgot fine 🔗 and sunny Guernsey. Temperature twenty three Celsius Albany twenty one the wind. 🔗 East to northeast moderate forceful case new fresh foods five decreasing light for 🔗 three to moderate force for the night and that is the news and weather from B.B.C. 🔗 Radio Guernsey it's five past four. 🔗 HILLENBRAND radios 🔗 are talking to women. 🔗 It has 🔗 that 🔗 who 🔗 and 🔗 who 🔗 is 🔗 why 🔗 it has 🔗 a 🔗 one on 🔗 one. 🔗 But 🔗 but out going to be back 🔗 when you 🔗 look at 🔗 that 🔗 one 🔗 man 🔗 who's 🔗 looking 🔗 at 🔗 what from an white a way most of us now know if you turn your head back to 🔗 nine hundred sixty nine on this night the Woodstock Music Festival actually it was 🔗 music and elsewhere really and it took pulse 🔗 and four hundred thousand people turned up three babies were born actually joining 🔗 the festival three people also die is Matthew seven coming virgin Woodstock 🔗 and to lose a child in Crosby Stills and Nash actually play this one as well. 🔗 Very good. 🔗 He has she has 🔗 a 🔗 whopping. 🔗 Sanur where 🔗 the bank got the back in a 🔗 bank where 🔗 the 🔗 where 🔗 the 🔗 where the man where 🔗 the guy 🔗 where the 🔗 bank 🔗 at 🔗 the. 🔗 Ah 🔗 ah 🔗 my 🔗 chainsaw a company in Woodstock incited plots 🔗 and I mean sixty nine on this very day. 🔗 Roger Walters in eighty seven opened the American leg of his world saw 🔗 his son a pretty bizarre which actually worked for him installed phone booths 🔗 at the venue for why he want to get into 🔗 that it was so the audience just e-coli. 🔗 On stage with a request you think when you do. 🔗 Most of the gigs but find the founders put in 🔗 and is also a big give away from Paul Simon as well it's in ninety one he did a 🔗 free concert in Central Park 🔗 and three quarters of a million people actually turned up for 🔗 that free concert on the back on the birthday front right hand these people being 🔗 with us. 🔗 Been day to day seventeen sixty nine the Polian been apart French 🔗 emperor seventy nine seventy one Scots some water the very same water 🔗 scar that was the Scottish novelist is works include the wave Les 🔗 and Rob Roy I think Rob Roy also Thomas Quincy English writer 🔗 Confessions of an English opium eater Lawrence with immense celebrating today 🔗 as word the jazz and concert pianist Oscar Peterson. 🔗 Called a pass for 🔗 you 🔗 but you. 🔗 Those. 🔗 A wonderful story she's going to think the humming little humming bird Yeah you 🔗 know it can actually why less than a standard penny the hummingbird 🔗 and until it says seven hundred ninety six was the state in the United States Code. 🔗 FRANKLIN But it changed its name to what's bank bank bank based on the call. 🔗 That's the change it to Tennessee was actually originally called Franklin. 🔗 So the guess I was the money on that one. 🔗 Ben Affleck celebrates the his forty four years young. 🔗 Mickey Graham is forty four as well. 🔗 Vocalist with a Boy's Own 🔗 and man Johnson fifty five singer songwriter with the will 🔗 I called. The the and he called in the Who then. 🔗 But tonight over there he was with 🔗 and I can't think for the life of me any of their hits 🔗 when I was roommates was by The Smiths name 🔗 and Debra Messing 🔗 that was you know not celebrating birthday forty eight the 🔗 stars gracing Will 🔗 and Grace which. 🔗 🔗 Should 🔗 go 🔗 to 🔗 the. 🔗 I am a has 🔗 a 🔗 has 🔗 a 🔗 as 🔗 a 🔗 as 🔗 a as a 🔗 as a an 🔗 am 🔗 thankful 🔗 I 🔗 am a as 🔗 a as 🔗 a as 🔗 a. 🔗 Michael McCann 🔗 This 🔗 is will two of them together 🔗 to 🔗 slow but to leave on the five. 🔗 They're going 🔗 on their own to 🔗 head back to 🔗 Sun which 🔗 book 🔗 or two from the 🔗 United 🔗 Nations. 🔗 Saying 🔗 oil on our news from the on the phone 🔗 lines 🔗 book 🔗 is 🔗 plenty George loves it to a song 🔗 with coming 🔗 from. 🔗 Well I'm just a name I always bright of Ann's road brain is on ging on for 🔗 emergency repairs to the electric cable this location 🔗 will be completed late tomorrow choosing the sixteenth of August the road 🔗 will open to traffic from early Wednesday morning. The seventeenth of August. 🔗 Right. So in that case just avoid the area. If you can because. 🔗 Not let anybody through and they need to repair the cable. I was looking. 🔗 As we go for last week at different things happening. Festivals. 🔗 We got this week we've got the show this week kind of going to be down there on 🔗 Thursday afternoon. Ali will be there. 🔗 Thursday morning across the globe. 🔗 There's a cracker opening very show is called The Big Walk lawyers contest 🔗 and I think. If Rice listening to less per feeding frenzy around Marshall. 🔗 I think he could think of the many many persons he could put forward for this 🔗 and it's called The Big Whopper his lawyers contest. 🔗 Ever since nine hundred ninety eight lawyers fibbers telling trials gathered in the 🔗 new harmony. This is Indiana a wave. 🔗 They can go where I was in front of an audience their awarded for their humor 🔗 exaggeration stage presence 🔗 and storytelling abilities the contest was the brainchild of local trickster. 🔗 Robinson Jr. 🔗 Now forms part of a big fast a whole week long weekend long fast 🔗 German period festival Kang's festive code and 🔗 that land house I think can probably fill it up which is what I'd say all 🔗 politicians maybe right I'm thinking yeah I'm sure he couldn't. Anyway. 🔗 Do this because this is a text coming in from any moment B.B.C. 🔗 Radio five in some way we hear twenty three today twenty one for old men going down 🔗 to fifteen over night even the seven visibility is good. 🔗 The winds East 🔗 and all the smaller force for the French force five then decreasing line for St 🔗 Sumatra force four overnight in the open sea states light to moderate more on 🔗 Tuesday when we go. Sunny hot and Sun al-Harbi twenty five tomorrow. 🔗 Twenty three for Albany both of us dropping down to sixteen overnight 🔗 and the winds tomorrow east northeast wind force Rita model falls for on the 🔗 increase more forceful for a time lapse in the afternoon 🔗 and again in the evening blogs occasionally fresh force five overnight 🔗 and one summary justice on a 🔗 twenty nine minutes to five country Coleman let's 🔗 do it 🔗 right. 🔗 He says he can think is sure you can think of a load. 🔗 I know you could make all the 🔗 edges. 🔗 Now I'd like to 🔗 travel over and. 🔗 Boring 🔗 ranged 🔗 bad play 🔗 a 🔗 game on a gang of 🔗 wild 🔗 where women made a 🔗 line 🔗 as me 🔗 and Atlanta Georgia man 🔗 in Iraq Odierno our languages 🔗 or who held 🔗 or used on a sham on a day 🔗 but now manage the gang 🔗 else. 🔗 Thank you 🔗 Neil. 🔗 Lamey World News Afghanistan where 🔗 a man needs to weigh in. 🔗 Because 🔗 when where or 🔗 when Tracy 🔗 Lawrence takes is a tornado and says I should have another great first limo 🔗 and if you can catch him playing locally at some stage right. 🔗 Maybe we ought to look at that 🔗 and set up the Pinocchio clubs not would be good at this. 🔗 Is Kenny run jazz 🔗 and Lady country Kona I'm here. 🔗 I know 🔗 and you have what 🔗 you. 🔗 My There's so many to 🔗 let me 🔗 never. 🔗 You. 🔗 Late 🔗 for so many never 🔗 find you. 🔗 You have come to 🔗 me for 🔗 whatever 🔗 let me wait 🔗 let me hear 🔗 from in my 🔗 life. 🔗 🔗 From 🔗 the big talking point on the 🔗 pathetic response. 🔗 I'm sure that the message will be far more polished with a professional 🔗 but there are some things about there are other times 🔗 when it will be beneficial for just return on investment by using professional 🔗 communicators. We bring the world with expert analysis from B.B.C. 🔗 Reporter around the globe down to see how great 🔗 we catch up throughout 🔗 the day 🔗 every 🔗 week. 🔗 She knows with a radio no 🔗 limits don't even AM Mommy and Me home 🔗 and stay at home 🔗 when you come around the house 🔗 but with some of 🔗 the 🔗 band around 🔗 eight A.M. 🔗 Play 🔗 and power comes to music while I am 🔗 looking at them in the 🔗 ME. 🔗 They don't look today at three 🔗 am 🔗 or if they offer a 🔗 area of a nominee 🔗 am 🔗 willing Obama's nominee has been named a 🔗 endangered stands for a card game in the 🔗 am I am in the happy with him 🔗 am a phenomena 🔗 that won't come sailing has a 🔗 enemy James am coming. 🔗 They 🔗 remain 🔗 the 🔗 same rainy and Guernsey and the last one from country. Is this girl. 🔗 They've Copperhead Road. 🔗 Black 🔗 that 🔗 a 🔗 man 🔗 with 🔗 a weak. 🔗 Hey man one 🔗 person that way. 🔗 It ain't 🔗 came home with rainy day 🔗 coming 🔗 to my father to come 🔗 or jabbering in a 🔗 way to get them back on their power 🔗 and it's a way to sail away from town proving it was 🔗 a 🔗 save 🔗 our own killing and run B.B.C. 🔗 Radio again the last country in tone for a Monday over 🔗 and out for them 🔗 to say. 🔗 And among them is a woman and. 🔗 Thank the last 🔗 game. 🔗 There was a game going to say I am 🔗 banging them away in shame 🔗 and saying Mom hit bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang their way 🔗 in the bomb has 🔗 gone bankrupt. 🔗 I'm saying again because I'm 🔗 thanking way. 🔗 And Tom De Lay I am again he 🔗 was one of them sang 🔗 mama planning bang bang 🔗 bang 🔗 bang bang. 🔗 I'm 🔗 thinking it was 🔗 James 🔗 and James a bank ladder with 🔗 him in a 🔗 way to US A om man 🔗 or mom was a lawyer. Anyway. 🔗 How many cold. 🔗 Can you hold in a gang banging where a woman was one 🔗 gang what Angel home away saying to me. 🔗 Angela WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY. 🔗 No in jail you go away on them mama. 🔗 Can Wait a better way in which your 🔗 mom hominem way way 🔗 way 🔗 way a homemade bomb 🔗 a to do with a bang 🔗 bang bang bang me. 🔗 Killing Brando B.B.C. Radio gun baby. 🔗 As for 🔗 me 🔗 place. 🔗 It 🔗 was a great 🔗 way 🔗 of 🔗 those 🔗 days it 🔗 was 🔗 safe. 🔗 Mom was a 🔗 tough day 🔗 to 🔗 day 🔗 to 🔗 Mrs Day 🔗 to 🔗 Day to Day to Day 🔗 to Day to Day 🔗 to Day to Day 🔗 to 🔗 Day 🔗 to 🔗 Day 🔗 to 🔗 Day to 🔗 Day to Day to 🔗 Day 🔗 to 🔗 remain 🔗 a team. 🔗 When 🔗 she came to say that B.B.C. 🔗 Radio again the lesson from a Chris is with Salman came in in ninety three point 🔗 two F.M. Eleven sixteen maybe I'm weighing in on crossword blame only in cement 🔗 and of course crazy as 🔗 one can 🔗 see them are a random etc Once it's a family life. 🔗 And if you can relate bring in outside 🔗 there's 🔗 no you just 🔗 got somewhere to go to 🔗 make yourself and stay with me 🔗 and Coach Belichick 🔗 and drop 🔗 bombs just told you 🔗 nearly 🔗 all rise to the moon 🔗 or to 🔗 stay with me. The news that. 🔗 Eric 🔗 Clapton on B.B.C. 🔗 Radio with lay down Sally not fit for very much to him he'll be back from one 🔗 thirty tomorrow afternoon taking a look at the weather this evening sun falling 🔗 over.