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Hello, I'm Alexis!

I am a senior in the VCUarts graphic design department and the VCU Honors College, specialising in human-centered design and visual interface design. I have four years of professional experience working as a web designer, freelance illustrator, and print designer. I'm a WorldSkills USA National Champion for Graphic Design Technology, and have been commissioned by both local and national organizations.

In my free time I love exploring experimental web, playing video games, and talking about science fiction (right now, I'm halfway through my The Next Generation rewatch). I have written a guest article examining design in fandom space, and have been interviewed by DBLTAP about diversity in the visual-novel genre. I'm also part of the SpicyYeti coding community, introducing artists to methods of building their own websites, as well as focusing on issues of accessibility and inclusivity in design practice. For more information and CV, reach out me by email.